Although no text confirms this, it seems that the Presbyterian Church was established in Rawdon around 1832. However, there is no trace of a Presbyterian temple, except for this former military barrack located on Church Street, which was used as a place of worship after the military left.

The church had its share of difficulties. Around 1880, it had to cease its religious activities for lack of followers. A few years later, a religious sect founded in England around 1830, the Plymouths, took over. Like its predecessor, it also experienced organizational difficulties and died out on its own around 1900.

In 1916, the Presbyterian Church returned and reopened its doors in the same place thanks to the good offices of Reverend Robert E. Welsh. Eight years later, however, in 1924, the Presbyterian Church finally died out when it merged with two other churches to form the "United Church of Canada" in 1825.