A site dedicated to the history of Rawdon

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A Story to Share

The Société d’histoire de Rawdon was born out a desire of people in the community to share the rich history of our municipality. In addition to its natural attractions that make it a privileged holiday resort, Rawdon is also a model of cultural diversity not found anywhere else. In the early 19th and 20th centuries, Rawdon became a wonderful welcoming land for many foreign nationals who were seeking to flee the problems afflicting the European continent at the time. Today, some forty cultural communities still live here side by side.

This site aims to highlight the evolution of Rawdon in various spheres of activity. Of course, the origins of the village from a historical standpoint will be presented, but several more specific themes will also be addressed. These include the founding families, the built heritage, culture, sports, tourism and nature as well as the many cultural communities who have taken root here. That’s the journey we’re inviting you to take!