A site dedicated to the history of Rawdon

Once upon a time...

With several rivers flowing through its landscape, dotted with dozens of lakes and nestled on a mountainous plateau at an altitude of more than 150 meters, Rawdon is an exceptional site in many ways. One of the first settlements north of the St. Lawrence Lowlands, this territory of nearly 200 km² was imbued from the beginning of its history with cultural diversity.

Let us judge: the first letters patent were requested by the English (1793), the first to obtain duly registered lots were Scots (1824) while many Irish had already settled there (1812)!

It is therefore not surprising that there are now forty or so cultural communities and no less than five churches of different denominations. To dive into Rawdon's history is to relive the beginnings of the settlements in America while taking a look at Europe in the 19e and 20e centuries.

Map drawn in 1846. It includes Rawdon and illustrates the Lacouareau and Rouge rivers.