Église orthodoxe russe Notre-Dame-de-Kazan

Rawdon has two parishes of the Russian Orthodox faith. One is located around Saint Seraphim Church, on 15th_ Avenue, and the other, around Our Lady of Kazan Chapel, on Sunshine Street. Each church features the traditional Byzantine onion dome that identifies the religious and ethnic character in a picturesque and pleasant way.

The first Our Lady of Kazan Chapel, built of logs in 1962, was destroyed by fire. The present one was built in 1978.

Details of Our Lady of Kazan Chapel

Saint Seraphim Church was built in 1958 on 17_ th Avenue by Reverend Father Oleg Boldyref. The small church was later moved to 15_ th Avenue in 1964, near the Russian cemetery inaugurated three years earlier.

Saint Seraphim Russian Church
Cimetière de l'Eglise St-Seraphim-de-Savrov