This section features Rawdon families telling their stories. Books have told the story of Rawdon including those by Marcel Fournier and Gérard Brady, and identified dozens, if not hundreds, of families who have helped shape this community. These families represent some forty cultural communities. With the contribution of these families, still present in Rawdon, you will get to know them better.

The “people of Kildare,” if we can use this term to identify them, have done a remarkable job and published a book that provides a wealth of information about the families who have lived there and still do. They will recognize themselves. In fact, they were the first to provide family histories. “Tightly knit,” as their book puts it, they gave birth to many of Rawdon’s great families.

For these family histories, the research, website and books published by Daniel Parkinson, who identified and documented the history of the first families to settle in Rawdon, cannot be overlooked. His website focuses on families, mainly of the Protestant faith, from England, Scotland and Ireland. You will find many families with familiar surnames and, in many cases, with descendants still living in Rawdon. Names such as Blagrave, Copping, Dugas, Jones, Marlin, Parkinson, Purcell, Rourke, Scott and Tinkler, to name but a few, can be found in his publications. To find out more about these families and many others:

These family histories will be presented across all communities and will constitute a legacy for future generations. This is a bilingual site (English-French), but we would be pleased to receive historical material and archives in other languages, as well.

The family histories that are published are presented in alphabetical order, for easy retrieval.