The history of Rawdon’s schools should probably start with a compilation of these schools, colleges and convents that have existed on the territory of Rawdon. Be they catholic, protestant, English or French, schools remain very present in the community.

To introduce them to you, a first article will take you back a few centuries and present Rawdon’s first places of learning and schools:

Inspired by religion, language of instruction and proximity of the populations to be served, this article looks at denominational schools and range schools, among others.

Among these schools, some have good long stories to be told. A second article will no doubt bring back memories to many, as it concerns:

A complementary page presents several unique facts about Rawdon’s schools, which you will find here:

Over the coming months, more articles will be added regarding:

  • Champagneur College
  • Sainte-Anne School
  • Sainte-Anne Convent

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