In May 1919, Joseph Leblanc (1874-1963), a worthy descendant of Acadians, son of Denis, André Josué, Charles, Joseph Josy, Joseph J., François, Jacques and Daniel, bought the farm corresponding to lot 25-B of Range 3, Township of Rawdon, from Ephrem Sylvestre.

Previously, he had lived in Saint-Jacques-de-Montcalm (birthplace), then in Rawdon (Lane Road) with his first wife, Albina Thouin (1878-1916). Widowed and father of ten children, Joseph married Régina Beaupré (1882-1959), mother of six children. From this union were born Jean, Yves and Maurice.

Grandpa Joseph, hard-working and honest, toiled away to earn a living, supported by his wife. He cultivated the land (tobacco, vegetables). His livestock was limited to a few cows, horses, pigs and chickens. Out of necessity, he also worked as a lumberjack.

In April 1945, Yves (1921-2014) acquired his father's farm, as he married Angella Pelletier (1922-2017). They would have eight children: Nicole, Maurice, Yvan, Francine, Daniel, Gervais, Sylvie and Marc.

Dad continued the noble work of farming. The livestock included about twenty cows (until 1970), one or two horses, nursing sows, and chickens. He cultivated tobacco (until 1969) and small fruit, strawberries and raspberries. He also worked as a lumberjack like his father. 

Over the years, Dad, a hard worker, participated in the construction of bridges in the region, then explored the world of antiques (buying and selling), while serving his customers during the summer (berries) and during the winter (snow removal). It must be said that Mom supported and complemented him perfectly.

In October 1989, the farm passed into the hands of Marc and his wife, Céline Harnois. They would be the happy parents of Joanie and Marc-Olivier.

Enthusiastic and with a head full of projects, the couple continued to grow berries while gradually increasing the surface area of the strawberry and raspberry plantations and adding a blueberry plantation in 2004. During the cold season, Marc cleared snow from a few hundred private driveways and commercial parking lots. 

In 2013, Céline and Marc built a structure with a warehouse, a kitchen and a kiosk on the exact spot where the barn and stable were. For some time, they had been thinking of transforming the berries into delicious products (pies, jams, etc.). Today, you can stop by the Leblanc Petits fruits farm where you can find a wide range of local and regional products.

The farm before 1956
The farm today
(from left to right): Maurice, Yves, Joseph, Jean, Régina
Angella, Yves, Sylvie, Nicole, Francine, Daniel, Yvan, Maurice, Gervais, Marc
Joanie, Céline, Marc-Olivier, Marc

The Leblanc family

Written by: Nicole Leblanc


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