Rawdon quickly became homeland to many immigrants. The Irish, Scots and English were followed by Russians, Poles, Ukrainians and other communities from Eastern Europe. Then, over time, other ethnic communities have joined them: Swedes, Swiss, Belarusians, Dutch and others. As a result, more than forty different ethnic groups are represented in Rawdon’s population.

This map, compiled from the list of countries recognized by the World Bank, identifies the countries of origin of some of our citizens. Hover over the map and it will take you to the countries of origin of our citizens. The countries followed by the number 1 indicate that nationals of this country live or have lived in Rawdon. We also have some information concerning these countries and we should be able to make it available. Nationals from the countries followed by the number 2 live or have lived in Rawdon but we have to complete the research before being able to publish any information. Finally, there may be nationals from the countries followed by the number 3 who live in Rawdon but we are looking for information to demonstrate it.

Here is the list of countries for which we have information at this time. Click on the citizens of the countries in bold and you will be guided to the pages specific to each of them.


The list is definitely not complete. Contact us and we will be happy to add other countries. If you want to add information about any of these countries, we will also be happy to hear from you.