Here are some photos of several other ethnic groups represented at the multi-ethnic interpretation centre.

The Italians

Overview of the Italy corner
Italian vase
Painting on a tray
Horse and carriage in full regalia

The Danes

Porcelain set
Typical Danish pipes
Decorative plates and china dishes

The Swiss

In the land of clocks
Swiss bell
Traditional costume

The Dutch

Overview of the Holland corner
The famous Dutch clogs

The Swedes

Overview of the Sweden corner
Swedish handicraft
Doll in traditional costume
Mittens and a decorative cushion

The Israelis

Wooden candlestick
Traditional costume
Gold candlestick

The Romanians

Overview of the Romania corner
Traditional costume
Romanian scarves

The Belarusians

Aurochs, a very rare wild ox from the Belovega reserve
Wood carvings
Dr. Franciszek Skoryna was responsible for publishing the very first book in Belarus and Eastern Europe in 1522: The Little Travelers’ Book. He was also the editor of the Belarusian Bible